Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RIT48 Challenge

This past weekend (March 25-27) I got a collective six hours of sleep. This comes from the fact that I was participating in a challenge at RIT called the RIT48 Challenge. Essentially, this challenge required participants to design, plan, and launch a web startup company in just 48 hours. Participants are judged on their business models, plans, product designs, etc.

I joined a team at the last minute when their web developer had a family emergency. The team already had their idea in place, we just had to wait until the start of the event to work on it (participants can only work on their ideas during the 48 hours). My team's idea was to create a new content distribution system for small publishers, web artists, videographers, photographers, etc. Essentially, we wanted to create a site that would allow larger companies to get in touch with smaller companies / content producers in regards to licensing their content.

After 48 hours of almost no sleep, our product and business model were in place. Although we didn't win the competition, I really learned a lot during that weekend. I learned a ton about team work, business models, how to launch a startup company, and a lot more. I also met a ton of interesting people in all areas.

RIT48 was an amazing challenge, and I'm already planning on competing next year.

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