Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Project - PasteBin Searcher

I have recently begun learning Python and, like anything I've tried to learn, needed a project in order to help me get started. So, for something simple, I decided to create a tool that periodically searches the website PasteBin for a user-provided term.

PasteBin has commonly been used by computer criminals to post and share information. This information can range from user accounts (Anonymous uses PasteBin frequently to dump lists of users and passwords) to credit card numbers and other personal information. The tool I've created allows a user to enter a regular expression as a search term. It then queries PasteBin every 5-10 seconds and looks at recently posted pastes for that term.

For use cases, credit card companies could adapt the script to monitor PasteBin for posted credit card numbers and then immediately lock those accounts (credit cards have unique regexes and each company has a unique number structure).

This was just a very basic project that allowed me to familiarize myself with Python and fetching URLs, regexes, and try/excepts.

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