Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OS X Fuse Input/output error Fix

If you're using OS X Fuse to mount a remote disk on a Mac device, you will occasioanlly receive the following error:

ssh: Input/output error

This has happened to me several times when allowing my Mac to sleep with the disk still mounted. When this happens, any operation on the disk seems to fail. I've managed to fix it with the following steps:

1) Shut down the remote server / disconnect it to prevent corruption (optional)
2) Attempt to unmount the disk cleanly from your Mac: umount /tmp/ssh (where /tmp/ssh is the location of the mounted disk)
3) If that fails, find the process ID of the SSHFS process: ps aux | grep sshfs
4) Kill that process: sudo kill <PID>
5) Remove the old folder: rmdir /tmp/ssh  (rm -rf /tmp/ssh if it fails)
6) Remount everything again:

 mkdir /tmp/ssh
 sshfs user@host:/ /tmp/ssh -ocache=no -onolocalcaches -ovolname=ssh

 This should fix the Input/Output errors and allow you to cleanly remount.

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